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 Cattle Round Up
December 29, 2005

A canine went into the cattle pen and stampeded the herd through a wooden gate and continued to chase the herd. Seven of the cattle where chased through a high tensile fence and found themselves enclosed once again, while the other 10 where chased thorough the bush and open fields.

All cattle were back in their pen by noon, thanks to all our friends and their horses.

Mark, Brenda, Bob, Ryan, Brad, Ed, Pete, Ray, Shannon, Haas, Daryl, Kevin, Steffany and Crystal

Pete Birdsall up front leading the herd home

Riders making sure the cattle don't try to stray

Kevin with a thumbs up and happy the herds almost home

Using the fence line to help push the cattle home

Crystal up front & Daryl, Haas & Shannon in back ground

Mark, Ray, Brenda, Brad & Kevin

Crystal & Ryan watching the foot work

Walking the cattle through the panels back to their pen

Ryan holding a horse and Brad manning the gate

Ray, Pete, Bob, Shannon & Haas

Ed & Bob

Thank You to all who could come out in the cold rain and help with the round up.

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